Top Ten Activities to Try

Are you one of those people who find themselves doing the same thing over and over? Or perhaps looking for something that might bring a whole new experience to your life? Well, today is your lucky day since you are about to discover the best top ten activities to indulge in on your next vacation, weekend or on other free times you may have.

1. Go sky diving

Its certainly a feeling of sorts floating down on a parachute 10,000 ft above the ground. Many see it as an extreme activity, especially when you have to watch people hurl themselves off a moving plane and literary enjoy it. Nevertheless, skydiving is a great sport full of fun and you only have to experience it yourself to find out how thrilling it is.

2. Hot air ballooning

If you relish adventure, then hot air ballooning is the next best thing you might want to try. Riding hundreds of feet above the earth can be a real thrill. Youll be briefed on the terms and conditions to be observed during the flight and from there you can enjoy the picturesque view of earth from the high up in the sky.

3. Spending a night inside a tree house

A tree house is nothing but fun and adventure and mostly, its one of safest places to spend the night away. It even gets better when the sun gets sucked in the horizon and everything turns quiet except for the gentle swaying of the house alongside the breeze. Its a unique experience all together that you might certainly want to try before you die.

4. Dancing in the rain

If youve never it tried out, you are possibly missing the greatest level joy any person can ever have on earth. Whether it’s pouring cats and dogs or barely drizzling, you can make the most of that wet season by dancing to its tune. Its fun and extremely invigorating.

5. Horseback riding in the ocean

Nothing in the name of joy beats the experience of riding a horse on pristine beaches and then into the beautiful blue waters of the earth. Best of all, you might even have dolphins swimming alongside you. Add the fresh air and calm ocean winds and the breath-taking coastal scenery and it all culminates into an absolutely exhilarating experience like no other.

6. Mountain biking

One of the greatest adventure of today is taking a ride in the hills. Its a popular pastime and a favourite sport for many today. It might take a little bit of stamina, strength and great technique but riding atop hills and having a spectacular view of the landscape is certainly an experience of sorts.

7. Tubing

Tubing is a spectacular water sport you will definitely enjoy with your family while on vacation. A tube is usually tethered to a speed boat and then towed through water at high speed. It skims across the water surface, splashing around in the boast’s wake. Both young and old will find this activity extremely fun.

8. Bungee jumping

The thought of jumping off a bridge, an elastic cord attached to your feet, head first, sounds a little scary, right? Well, not until you indulge in it and thats when everything turns around. Youll certainly stare at the ground getting nearer and closer to you and youll freak out but therell be a sigh of relief when the elastic cord will stretch to its maximum, pulling you up and later landing yourself softly to the ground.

9. Quad biking

This is an activity you should indulge in at least once before you die. When done in the desert or beach dunes, it might turn out to be the most awesome thing youll ever do in life. You can race and jump off the dunes, even park atop the highest ones and enjoy the thrill of watching the sun disappear into the horizon.

10. Go camping

Camping is one rare, unique yet fun adventure, especially when done in the wild. You can take a friend along or a group of friends into the wild for a 3-4 day adventure. Always pack some great food along. There, youll certainly enjoy the beauty of nature and the tranquillity that comes with staying away from the hassle and bustle of this world.

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